Panasonic KX-NT700

Panasonic KX-NT700

Panasonic KX-NT700 is IP conference phone that has lots of features and offers better sound quality in comparison with the similar equipment, which is already available on the market. This fact was confirmed by the tests conducted by the experts before selling the product. Device has a possibility of organizing conference calls at the highest level, which is achieved through high-quality broadband audio.

High sound quality that exceeds the performance of similar systems is provided in full-duplex mode. Intelligent noise reduction system allows the use of IP conference phone in a noisy environment, the caller will not hear extraneous sounds, such as, for example, the noise of the projector or computer. Another unique feature is the ability to convert speech rate in real time.
With KX-NT700 IP conference phone you can organize conferences, both on IP (SIP-protocol), and on ordinary telephone lines. IP conference phone can be connected directly to the operator of IP-telephony or a telephone line, as well as to the PBX, providing access to its functions. Audio input and output ports of KX-NT700 can be connected with a DECT phone or another phone to use it as a headset. Thanks to the USB port the conference phone can be connected to a PC for programming and management by special software, and you can use the KX-NT700 as a headset, for Skype as example. Unification of IP conference phone with IP-camera allows you to organize a video call. All conference calls can be recorded on SD-card.
In order to fully discover the potential of IP conference phone you can use Conference Call Manager software, which is included in the package. Thanks to Conferencing Phone Manager you can work simultaneously on the screen with the files and communicate, without losing eye contact with the other party. For example, while discussing the project you can quickly see the estimates and the stages of its implementation. In addition to these features, members of the conference may be allowed to get access to the PC applications in the company’s network (LAN or VPN), together with the ability to make changes to files on the PC. Conferencing Phone Manager allows you to view the history of conferences, to create the "Address Book" from the contacts of colleagues or to organize meetings and manage the device from a PC.

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