ORCA RDT-8v is a VoIP gateway with broadband access, which ensures the unified work between PSTN and IP network. This device allows its users who are broadband telephony subscribers to contact cell and landline telephone line subscribers internationally. While using the basic V5.2 interface connecting to PSTN, ORCA RDT-8v allows network operators delivering a broad range of various features keeping all existing management and billing systems. The device has top levels of reliability and scalability for cable VoIP that allows broadband network operators to efficiently maintain and built their networks.

RDT – 8v can support up to 4 thousand subscribers simultaneously. And has enough capacity to support up to 480 voice ports using sixteen E1 interfaces. This hardware allows broadband network operators to build their networks, delivering high quality cost effective telephone communications service. Each and every RDT-8v supports 19,200 BHCA. One rack of equipment can support around 28 thousand subscribers. ORCA RDT-8v complies with PacketCable NCS protocol specifications ensuring complete interoperability with a broad range of customer devices.
G.711 A-law encoiding is supported by RDT-8v. In order to preserve the bandwidth, the system provides support for G.726 and G.729a voice coding. For home based businesses and small businesses RDT-8v can detect modem and fax signals automatically. Additionally it provides dynamic jitted buffers, echo cancellation, packet loss concealment and Diffserv packet prioritization in order to support high quality of voice communications, following the most demanding condition of IP networks.
For prevention of theft of service, malicious call disconnects and eavesdropping the RDT-8v supports the PacketCable Security specification. The device enables a secure network deployment using the IPsec, AES, and HMAC to encrypt and authenticate signaling and bearer traffic.

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Digium TMD800P Analog Telephony Card

Digium TMD800P Analog Telephony CardTDM800P is an eight Port analog PCI 3.3/5.0V Card equipped with echo cancellation and 8 Trunk Interfaces. This is a half length PCI 2.2 complaint, 8 port card meant for connection of analog POTS lines and analog phones via personal computer. It provides support for combinations of FXO and FXS modules maximum of eight lines.

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