Matrix SETU VGFX8404

Matrix SETU VGFX8404

Matrix presents SETU VGFX - Gateway in a separate body with seamless connectivity to VoIP, GSM and POTS (FXO and FXS). SETU VGFX supports a flexible and optimal routing to provide the most economical communication network.

SETU VGFX seamlessly connects VoIP, GSM and POTS networks. From the VoIP side it supports IP-interface (based on SIP) with the ability to connect to any available network IP. From the GSM side it supports quad-band GSM, allowing interacting with any GSM network. From the POTS side it supports FXS and / or FXO ports. Incoming call from one network can be sent to the destination of a particular network, depending on the destination of a dialed number. Similarly, outgoing calls from FXS port will be sent to a specific network, depending on the destination of a dialed number. The gateway can handle calls through all ports simultaneously, providing a full load.
When using innovative gateway for voice communication between a number of branches of the organization, business receives the full benefit of low-tariff Internet telephone calls between two points directly. In addition, Matrix SETU VGFX can also act as a SIP client, allowing the user to register with multiple SIP service providers.
Programmable access codes, automatic recount numbers, routing based on the determinant of the calling line, call emergency numbers, optimal routing, auto-mobile networks and other enhanced features provide ease of operation of the device.

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Skype Add-ons

Skype Add-onsWhat is Skype for all of us today? This is a very convenient service, enabling us to communicate with friends, family and loved ones on-line, no matter how far they are. Without even mentioning the low prices for outgoing calls to mobile or landline phones, video chat and conferences, where you can gather all your friends at once. And what is required from the user? Yes trifle; for starters, you need an Internet connection (for video calls and chats - free), Skype download and a simple registration. That's it. Experienced users have tested the advantages of Skype and social networking for a long time, but the additional of plug-ins for this excellent program are known for very few people. This article will try to tell you about the most interesting additions to Skype.

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