LifeSize Room

LifeSize Room

LifeSize Room is High Definition Video hardware with lots of features - powerful, flexible and easy-to-use equipment for video communications.

Like all LifeSize products, LifeSize Room is the equipment with which is simple to create the full presence effect, as well as sound and high-definition video for creation of a realistic, accurate perception. With it, you will feel your presence in the location to which you have established a connection with and you will be able to accomplish more things and travel less.
LifeSize Room is ideal for use in large conference rooms. LifeSize Room allows you to establish video communications with several participants using built-in server for HD multipoint conferences. During the conference on the screen you can see multiple participants simultaneously (4-way simultaneous presence) or the automatically shifting image of the current speaker in the 6-way conference mode activation by voice. All this is possible without additional external devices, a complex planning system or by a technician.
LifeSize Room system is remarkably flexible, because it supports two monitors and two cameras. With this equipment, all participants will be able to see the presentation, to receive documents and other media files all this will allow you sharing information with colleagues and thus to communicate more effectively.

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Flash on Hold

Flash on HoldPutting the call on hold by pressing the “Flash” button; the holding time is not limited. The function could be easily used at the moment when the second call has entered the line. By pressing the hold button the conversation will be set on pause and another call can be answered, finishing which you can return to the one which is on the pause mode.

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