Konftel 300IP

Konftel 300IP

Konftel 300IP - connects to VoIP-lines via SIP protocol. This phone is equipped with advanced features that allow making more efficient conference calls. For example, you can record and store records of meetings using the memory of SD card.

Due to the setup wizard of Konftel 300IP, you can call on pre-programmed groups of contacts by pressing few keys. WEB-interface makes it easy to import and export contacts. Personal user profile feature allows each user to create their phone book (up to 1,000 records).
Konftel 300IP is also ideal for conferences with many participants, because you can connect remote microphones, a wireless headset and handsfree system.
Konftel 300IP conference phone can be connected either to a PBX IP-telephony, or directly to the provider’s network. The phone based on SIP protocol (RFC 3261) and is compatible with most commercially available SIP-platforms. For simple connection Konftel 300IP supports Power over Ethernet (feature Power over Ethernet).

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Hosted VoIP

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