This equipment is designed to adapt DECT wireless technology to the interfaces of IP-telephony. Use of this product allows you to organize a wireless communication network, which can contain up to several dozens of base exchanges. Furthermore, the RTX 8630 model can aggregate into a network of up to six repeaters and provide so much breadth of coverage areas without fading. To do this, the device is equipped with two internal Omni-directional antennas.

This equipment is of compact form that allows you to install it in almost any room. The special feature of the device is ability to use Ethernet power supply connector, which generally increases the versatility of the system. LED alarm is an ergonomic solution indicating the state of the system. In addition, together with the unit you can use convenient handset, equipped with display, which also shows the main parameters of the device. An important advantage of RTX 8630 is the ability to update the firmware of the control system.
The base station by default has 12 channels (some of them - service). In case of using only one base station up to 10 simultaneous calls might be available. In case of schemes with multiple base stations (SME) - An 8 simultaneous calls (4 channels are used for synchronization and implementation of Handover).

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LifeSize SoftphoneLifeSize Softphone offers support for Full HD, a simple and intuitive interface and improved data encryption. All this means that remote users of mobile PC and Mac computers, wherever they may be, have the opportunity to interact in a completely safe environment.

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