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Gigaset DX800A

Gigaset DX800A

While being a hybrid phone, Gigaset DX800A presents a great investment in the future. Depending on the current office needs it can be configured to work with VoIP, PSTN or ISDN lines, and if necessary the configuration can be changed at any time. The phone supports up to four concurrent calls and up to six handsets, making it an ideal solution for a small office.

With Gigaset DX800A you can manage your contacts in a more professional manner. In addition to providing an address book with up to 1000 records in vCard format, this phone allows you to connect to your Outlook contacts. In case you need information about another company, Gigaset DX800A saves your time by making automatic search in online directories and the "Yellow Pages". Moreover, when you connect it to the Internet, the phone will be able to show on its large color display useful information such as RSS-mail, weather, e-mail notifications (with the sender, date and time, subject line) and much more. Thanks to Link2Mobile technology you can use the Gigaset DX800A for mobile calls.
Gigaset DX800A phone has three integrated answering machine with a total recording time of up to 55 minutes. Notifications about new messages may come to a color display of the phone, as well as SMS to your specified number. The integrated answering machines of Gigaset DX800A model can record phone conversations in real time.
Gigaset DX800A is equipped with an efficient power supply adapter and therefore consumes less electricity, and for even more savings it has a night mode, which turns off the phone display. If the base station does not have a single cordless handset attached, the transmitter is turned off completely, and in case of any registered handsets power of transmitter varies according to their distance to the base. Alternatively you can reduce the power of transmitter by 80% 6 by selecting the ECO Mode. In addition, when the handset is in standby mode, the transmitter is switched off. All this makes the Gigaset DX800A a one energy-efficient phone.
Attractive design, high quality of sound and flexible configuration settings (VoIP with ISDN or fixed line) make DX800A an excellent choice for a small office.

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