EdgeConnect EC-2402LFPoE

EdgeConnect EC-2402LFPoE

The EdgeConnect 2402 is a controlled 24 port PoE switch that supports video, voice and data devices. Additionally it has two 10/100/1000 Ethernet Combo ports.

Produces by Edgewate, EdgeConnect 2402 is an Ethernet switch of high density, which is capable of providing 24 x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports, four 10/100/1000Mbps high speed or uplink server ports and approximately up to 12.8Gbps of full wire speed forwarding.
If you are using the Edgewater’s Edge View Network Management System the VoIP installation is going to be automated including the EdgeMarc network service gateways and the EdgeConnect 2402PoE LF switch. You just simply have to plug the cables and provide power supply to it and all of the required settings in order to deliver business class VoIP including priority queuing, VLAN’s, traffic shaping, address assignment and others will be configured.
Key Features: 24 x 10/100Mbps Autosensing Ethernet ports 2z 10/100/1000Mbps Autosensing, high speed server ports or Ethernet uplink ports with SFP Fiber or RJ-45 connectors. PoE (Power over Ethernet) 802.3af with automated detection of power device Optional per port power sourcing Full wire speed forwarding L2/L4 traffic management 802.1Q VLAN 802.1p based QoS Broadcast storm control

Providers in database: 6430
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GreetingsGreeting - the caller will hear a greeting during the call. The function can be met, when calling to different companies, in most cases after the greeting follows a request, to which department or person the call has to be directed to.

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