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Digium Wildcard TE407P

Digium Wildcard TE407P

Digium Wildcard TE407P card has a built-in hardware echo cancellation, based on a powerful digital signal processor. Board supports E1, T1 and J1 interfaces, which can be configured for each interface or the entire board as a whole.

Digium Wildcard TE407P is a symbiosis of market leading Digium Wildcard TE405P card and latest echo cancellation module VPMOCT128M Octasic, based on an advanced digital signal processor. VPMOCT128M module provides certified, meeting all operator requirements algorithm, which is a benchmark for comparing systems of echo cancellation. This new module is improved in comparison with the VPM400M module and TE411P/TE406P cards. Using VPMOCT128M module maximum opportunities of echo cancellation were 16 ms using 128 channels. The newest module VPMOCT128M helps to reduce the "tails" of echo up to 128 ms with 128 channels in E1 mode or 96 channels in T1/J1 modes. Furthermore, this module has all the advantages of Octasic Voice Quality Enhancement technology in order to provide superior sound quality for all voice channels.
The company has developed a Digium TE407P card to be fully compatible with the existing versions of the IP-PBX Asterisk server. Also, the open source driver board allows developers to continue to work with the hardware to create their own applications for truly professional solutions. The combination of IP-PBX Asterisk server, as well as the Digium hardware is driven by new IP-telephony applications in the telecom world. From the traditional PBX to IP-telephony gateway solutions based on Digium products determine the path of development for telecommunications in the new world of global communications.
TE407P card supports standard telephony and data protocols, including voice-family Primary Rate ISDN (standard NA and European conditions) and PPP, Cisco, HDLC, and Frame Relay data.
TE407P card is suitable for PCI slot with a supply voltage of 5.0 V. TE412P card is only used with 3.3-PCI-slot. Normally, such a slot is installed on all modern motherboards and 64-bit PCI architecture.

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