Dialogic I-Gate 4000 EDGE

Dialogic I-Gate 4000 EDGE

Media Gateway Dialogic I-Gate 4000 EDGE is a low-cost high-quality solution, which can be used as a border media gateway. Full support for all existing transmission standards and signaling VoIP traffic and the possibility of TDM telephony networking allows operators in development stage to effectively distribute CAPEX in the initial stages. This unit can handle up to 496 telephone calls simultaneously.

The uniqueness of this gateway is the level of its redundancy, as well as ability of comprehensive compression of voice traffic: up to 14:1 without losing quality.
Unlike other compact media gateways on the market, with redundancy only at the level of the power supply, I-Gate 4000 Edge gateway also features a fully redundant power DSP, TDM and IP interfaces. This technical advantage is what distinguishes I-Gate 4000 Edge gateway from competing gateways and allows Dialogic to position the product as the first fully redundant compact media gateway on the market.
I-Gate 4000 Edge is worthy continuation of the I-Gate media gateway series, developed and based on the world famous DTX compression platform, and despite its compact size it includes all the features of previous models of large gateways. Dialogic Networks, inherited from ECI Telecom 20 years of experience and world leadership in the field of compressed voice traffic, has implemented in its aggregation mechanism locks package on Subjects (RTP Multiplexing), which allows the operators of these media gateways in their networks, to achieve compression of voice Traffic up to 14:1 and reduce the burden on other elements of the IP network IP, thus reduce their cost.

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