Dialog 4425 IP Vision

Dialog 4425 IP Vision

Dialog 4425 IP Vision is a professional IP-phone with additional features, including multi-line management function and built-in graphics display to meet all user needs. In addition, it can be used in small meeting rooms.

Dialog 4000 IP telephones combine the power of existing data networks and Aastra communication systems. Elegant and sophisticated Dialog 4000 IP-telephones are a reasonable solution for those who want to easily and cheaply get a chance to use IP-technology. Aastra Company has given them a name IPerformance.
IPerformance means a great quality of sound and telephony services. IPerformance gives the opportunity to upgrade. Remote update of settings or software simplifies operation and maintenance. This IP-phone is ready for use of future technological developments.
IPerformance gives reliability. Dialog 4000 IP telephones have improved safety ensuring means and security, including the function of increased fault tolerance for the local office. Simplicity in using and maintaining are the main directions of the development of this new IP-platform, and it will remain so for the improvement of the functions in the future.

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Yeastar NeoGate TG200

Yeastar NeoGate TG200Yeastar NeoGate TG200 is a modern VoIP-GSM gateway designed for a single channel, expandable to two channels. Yeastar NeoGate helps you to save on costs of communication, using the so-called choice of the best route for the call. With NeoGate TG200 gateway you will be provided with a backup communication channel in case of sudden failure of the wired phone system. It is possible by means of NeoGate and to provide telephony in remote and isolated location offices. Yeastar NeoGate TG200 model is a more modern model alternatively to Yeastar NeoGate in metal case.

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