Cisco SPA303-G2

Cisco SPA303-G2

Cisco SPA303-G2 is a balanced low-cost but functional model of a modern IP-phone designed for small businesses.

Cisco SPA303-G2 is designed to operate with three communication lines; it has a built-in switch for two Ethernet-ports and is equipped with a large LCD-display. Having all the necessary functions for modern IP-device, this model has a large number of adjustable parameters. The device is ideal for use with VoiceView Express, as well as Cisco XML business applications.
Phone keys have unobtrusive lighting and can be configured for fast access to your contacts phonebook. It is particularly easy to use the phone functions that are provided by a special four-way navigation joystick. Built-in speakerphone offers its users a great sound of voice without noise and distortion.

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What means Softswitch?

What means Softswitch?Flexible commutator Softswitch is one of the main next-generation communications network NGN parameters and it is already a good alternative device to the systems management services in the traditional ATC calls both in price and functionality, and scalability, service quality, dimensions, and the use of energy and cost of technical exploitation.

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