AddPac VP500

AddPac VP500

AP VP500 is widescreen IP video phone that allows you to get high quality video image with high resolution. This product supports video conferencing, VoD, IPTV, video surveillance, and uses the latest audio / video codecs and various interfaces of audio / video inputs / outputs. AP VP500 has improved features, such as 720P high-resolution support and 12 "LCD screen. The benefits of choosing AP VP500 for video conferencing include high-quality audio, video and high-resolution screen.

AP VP500 is a new device for IP videoconferencing, where the transmission of voice and video is carried over IP networks. This product has improved characteristics such as video codecs H.263, MPEG-4, H.264 and JPEG, interfaces RCA A / VI / O, QoS and such VoIP protocols as SIP and H.323. AP VP500 is a high-tech multi-function IP videophone, which additionally to the unique video transmission technologies added by AddPac’s professionals has new technologies of voice and IP telephony. AP VP500 has improved features such as support for high-definition 720P, high-quality 12 "LCD screen. AP VP500 supports data rates from 64 Kbit/s to several Mbit/s. Additionally AP VP500 offers superior video quality thanks to bandwidth control function that allows you to confidently accept high quality video at the restricted speed limits.
When working with the video signal in MPEG-4 format AP VP500 supports image with maximum VGA resolution of 640 × 480 pixels and runs at 30 frames per second. AP VP500 has a high screen resolution of 720p (1280 × 720). This HD screen without problems can play VGA video from any source and display it without lowering the quality. High-tech architecture RISC CPU and DSP of AP VP500 is fully programmable, allowing continuously developing and adding new features. Replacing the software is easy, and automatic updates facilitate the procedure.
Additional services of AP VP500 can provide most of the necessary functions. AP VP500 supports a variety of services, such as address book, recent calls, Caller ID (CID), and others. AP VP500 allows routing, NAT / PAT, DHCP protocols and ensures quality of service (QoS). AP VP500 supports the H.323 and SIP protocols. The rear panel of AP VP500 has a USB port for USB flash memory, hard drive, keyboard, or mouse.

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Asterisk Cards  Asterisk cards have a different number of ports, due to the variety of needs for different applications, manufacturers try to address them. For beginners, one can request for Asterisk card with single port configured with 1 FXO module. At first, you receive the option of accept incoming calls, afterwards you can route them anywhere within your IP network. It’s only in case of a live call, and than your line is busy because you have a single FXO to handle that call.

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