2N NetStar

2N NetStar

2N NetStar is a communication system of the new generation. It meets all the communication requirements in your company, and thanks to advanced technologies and software it can satisfy even the most demanding customers. Make sure that this system will significantly optimize processes within your company, thus saving money and time.

2N NetStar is a modular system that can be chosen according to your wishes and needs. You can get a system with integrated VoIP interfaces, and GSM / UMTS gateways. These two features, along with an effective router, which always chooses the cheapest route, dramatically reduce your monthly communication bills. If your employees frequently travel abroad, the CallBack service will give you the opportunity to reduce roaming costs. Audio relay card, allows you to integrate your own music while on hold or, for example, to switch the heating in the office with the help of SMS message.
To support the mobility of all employees you can use 2N Mobility Extension service and applications for Symbian or Windows Mobile phones. With these applications, your mobile phone will become a full replacement to a fixed line. Working from home will no longer be a problem because with the 2N NetStar Communicator application no one will know that you have left the office.
2N NetStar is a unique system that can be integrated into any existing infrastructure of information systems, such as CRM, as well as in major ERP systems. Additionally it has the availability of natural synchronization with MS Outlook calendar through the 2N NetStar Operator application.
Main advantages: Saves time and money Supports various interfaces: BRI / PRI / VoIP / GSM / UMTS Supports software applications Automated Attendant Integration into existing information systems Mobility Extension feature

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