Protocols in Softswitch architecture

Protocols in Softswitch architecture

Works on defining new network architecture are carried out by such organizations as ITU-T, Multiservice Switching Forum, and International Packet Communications Consortium.

The network architecture always includes a call control unit, which can be called softswitch, phone server, managing agent and gateway hardware with network packets. Architecture with separated functions of management and transfer of information requires a vertically open interaction protocols.

With the appearance of each protocol there can be traced quite certain logic. In example, in order to ensure mass implementation of multimedia services a protocol is required, which will use the Internet technology, easy to use a and allows to implement full range of absolutely new applications and services. SIP protocol becomes the main candidate for such a role.
The operator tendency to provide the full set of traditional applications and phone services on packet network, led to the appearance of BICC protocol as the evolution of ISUP protocol.

Naturally, the transition to the split architecture requires management protocol of gateway elements and the main direction is the improvement of the H.248 protocol, which was created jointly by the IETF (Working Group Megaco) and ITU-T organizations.
Work within the Sigtran protocols became necessary in order to provide a more reliable transmission of signaling information than is possible using the stack TCP / IP.

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