Skype for iPad

Skype for iPad

Skype for iPad is perfectly designed and optimized precisely for that device. It offers the best of both worlds for users who want to make greater use of Skype on the go. Big screen of iPad is perfect for Skype video calls and it supports both horizontal and vertical orientation. And since we are dealing with IPad, Skype video calls can be made on the beach, in the car or even lying on the couch.

Besides the fact that Skype for IPad has an interface that takes full advantage of the big screen, this new app offers a number of additional, optimized for IPad, functions, including:

Two-way video calls. Due to the possibility of video calls on Skype for iPhone, as well as in Skype for Android, Skype for Mac, Skype for Windows, Skype for HDTV, etc. - You can communicate using video with 170 million Skype connected users worldwide. Instant messaging. You can send and receive instant messages during a video call from your iPad, sharing your emotions with emoticons. Easy access to contacts. Now the contacts are displayed in a grid and contain large avatars and pictures to facilitate search for your companions. Easy navigation. Searching for the last interlocutor in Skype and history is as simple as pressing a button. A simple SMS sending. In order to send an SMS text message it is enough to open the contact, and select SEND SMS or enter the number to which you want to send SMS and then type the message.

The new Skype for iPad takes full advantage of both iPad cameras, allowing users to talk "face to face" with the iPad front camera or switch to the rear camera to show what's around you. Of course, Skype for iPad allows calls to home and mobile phones at very low rates. The application works in 3G, and Wi-Fi networks and supports cross-platform video and voice calls from iPad to other subscribers of Skype, using the iPhone, Mac, Windows, HDTV and other devices.

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