Skype Add-ons

Skype Add-ons

What is Skype for all of us today? This is a very convenient service, enabling us to communicate with friends, family and loved ones on-line, no matter how far they are. Without even mentioning the low prices for outgoing calls to mobile or landline phones, video chat and conferences, where you can gather all your friends at once. And what is required from the user? Yes trifle; for starters, you need an Internet connection (for video calls and chats - free), Skype download and a simple registration. That's it. Experienced users have tested the advantages of Skype and social networking for a long time, but the additional of plug-ins for this excellent program are known for very few people. This article will try to tell you about the most interesting additions to Skype.

MX Skype Recorder
A program with a single purpose of recording your online conversations and has a huge number of settings and features. The program includes both manual and automatic settings in order to record conversations in Skype; this program supports all types of calls, even if the person uses a different Skype application (like Google Talk or VOIP Messenger). The user just has to download Skype, install and configure it for the maximum convenience. MX Skype Recorder supports all current versions of Skype, so there should be no problems, even for beginners.
Is the program for the creative minds to whom simple voice communication is not enough, so it adds a long white drawing board. You can draw by yourself or with several people at once, the program is ideal for conferences where, for clarity, users need to jointly design a chart or draw a table. Overall - excellent virtual board, ideal for educational and business purposes. Skype Audio Player This compact program will help you to share your music with the world or with your companion. With it you will be able to stream music directly from your playlist to the built-in speakers of your companion. Also, you can pause, switch off and interact with volume. This program has many uses from simple jokes on fellow friend up to full Skype radio.
Evaer Video Recorder for Skype
Analog of MX Skype Recorder, but this time instead of writing boring chatter on your hard disk the entire flow from the video cameras of your friends will be carefully stored on your hard disk. You can easily record a video conversation with one person or with the entire company. This is one of the most popular add-ons for Skype. The program allows you to record multiple chats.
Pamela Call Recorder
Most likely, you still think that secretaries are kept only by the big bosses, and other influential people. But should download Skype, install it and your desktop will have its own virtual assistant, a secretary and organizer all in one. Coffee and cookies it will not bring and it will not give the papers to the courier, but instead, it will save all incoming calls on Skype, record calls, the caller's number and talk directly to him. The program is a perfect complement to Skype business people who want to stay up to date even when they are not in place.
As you may have already noticed - the Skype program is interesting and useful, convenient and multifunctional.

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