FREETALK Connect Me device is an adapter for analog home phone (ATA), which allows making and receiving free and unlimited Skype calls using regular analog phone. Thanks to FREETALK Connect Me you can call landlines and mobile phones in your own country and abroad, and can assign up to 99 contacts to the speed dial list. FREETALK Connect Me can be used in the office or at home with a large number of handsets running from one base: in this case, all the phones will be calling at competitive Skype rates.

Please note that if you have multiple databases for each phone you need a separate FREETALK Connect Me device: only in this case you can call for free or at low Skype rates from any of your phones.
To work with FREETALK Connect Me you will need a PC, Macintosh or smart phone (necessary to configure the device), Internet connection and a home phone. You will also need a Skype user account (if you have not signed up for Skype, you can create an account directly on the device), and if you want to call landline and mobile phones, you'll need the money on the account or a Skype subscription plan. Calls to other Skype users will not cost you a penny - a subscription is not needed.
If you bought the FREETALK Connect Me complete with a subscription plan, but you use the exact same plan, the new plan will take effect only after the expiration of the current one.
To make calls to phones using the FREETALK Connect Me phone adapter, you have to add money to your account in Skype. To do this, go to the site and click "Buy Credit". You can also activate the automatic deposits to your account at Skype in order to always have money.

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