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SIP VoIP Phones

SIP VoIP Phones

Depiction of ‘’Locktek WP04 WiFi IP SIP Phone
The Locktek WP04 WiFi IP SIP phone is a huge single boost in mobile communications. The device weights about 3oz, has a crystal clear color TFT (Thin Film Transistor) display and keeps standby mode up to 140 hour with a factual time on line at 7.5 hours spare. This SIP phone offers along with dimming screen and keypad feature, characteristics, that never were reached before by all previous SIP hardware, in sense of operational and stand by time. Phone has multi-dialing pad, when you can dial regular phone numbers, IP addresses and SIP accounts in a straight forward way. Two or more customers, handling two or variety WP04 SIP phones on local intranet, just can dial the IP of another WP04 device to get connection, in this case SIP account is not required to be involved.

Once you get a SIP account from any SIP provider, you are able to process local and international calls from any geographical location with an open or security enabled WiFi signal. Any available WiFI zone can provide connectivity of this SIP phone in matter of seconds. You can check your voicemail and forward or receive calls at nearly free of charge rate, depending on SIP plan enforced. There are some comparison reports on a cell phone yearly plan at $39.95 per month, before taxes applied, and VoIP SIP phone bill, having $60 just per year, the difference is self evident.
The WP04 SIP VoIP phone can store up to 4 different SIP accounts, so if a customer use one SIP provider for continental US or Canada calls, another provider for free inbound calls, and/or a foreign SIP provider for particular international communications, all these options are covered by one device. Other very useful, and in general widely accustomed features of this SIP VoIP phone are Caller ID, indicator of missed call, selection of ringtones with vibration mode, a built-in hands- free earphone mode, with attached earphone and microphone, g711 / g729 and g722 voice standards (HD Voice), search of WiFI sites with indicating of zones availability and quality of wireless signal to process. WP 04 SIP VoIP phone is having operational menu in 61 languages.
Anybody can find out numerous open and available WiFi access points and zones in his/her area including shops, molls, coffee shops, fast food places and municipal WiFi sites, that are available in majority of towns throughout US, Canada and worldwide. Even temporarily traveling outside of any WiFi connectivity, calls should never be missed in this SIP VoIP phone due to presence of voicemail; sound quality, using g711 standard is the same as FM radio or DVD sound performance.WP04 SIP VoIP phone is equipped programmed unique VoIP SIP electronic chips, there is no signal emulation, even in crowded WiFi zone of an airport.

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Integration into Google Talk/Gmail Service

Integration into Google Talk/Gmail Service Google Voice is very seamlessly integrated into the Google Talk program and the Gmail service. It’s extremely easy to make calls and deal with all of your phoning needs while you are logged into your Gmail account. You can add credits using Google Play, you can manage your contacts, you can read your voicemail, you can record your voice and transcribe it to text for sending by email and a host of other features, such as SMS to email, conference calls and some of the best VoIP/SIP rates in the world. In fact, if you are located in the United States then the rates are completely free for all of North America.

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