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Polycom SoundPoint IP321/331

Polycom SoundPoint IP321/331

SoundPoint IP 321/331 is a SIP phone with 2-line support, which has excellent quality of sound and the wide range of IP telephony features. SoundPoint IP 321 has one 10/100 Ethernet port (331 model has two ports), through which it can be used in areas such as lobbies, hallways, resting rooms. You can also mount this device on the wall.

SoundPoint IP 321/331 phone has a full-duplex speakerphone (IEEE 1329 Type 1) with Polycom's legendary Acoustic Clarity technology that provides excellent sound quality and echo and noise free communication, as if the conversation is with the person standing next to you.
Phone is configured via an intuitive user interface; it has such features call hold, call parking, off-hook, call transfer and three-way conference, as well as more advanced features such as the use of a common line, XHTML support and processing of various types of calls.
These IP phones are designed to make installation, setup and modification much easier and more efficient. SoundPoint IP 321/331 phone, by default has to be placed on the table, but you can easily mount it on the wall without any additional accessories. Integrated support for IEEE 802.3af PoE allows flexible scanning and saving on cables. SoundPoint IP 321/331 supports remote maintenance and upgrade from different types of servers: FTP, TFTP, HTTP, or HTTPS. For the organization of a reliable and trouble-free operation, the phone supports software from the boot and call servers.

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Hoteling Guest & Hoteling Host

Hoteling Guest & Hoteling Host “Hoteling” consists of two separate services: “Hoteling Host” and “Hoteling Guest”. The first service “Hoteling Host” is used for marking a certain user as a host of a system and allows other users of the “Hoteling Guest” service to use their profile configuration on the system of the main user. The second service “Hoteling Guest” is used in order to give the user an opportunity to work from one’s profile on the set which has the main user assigned already by the “Hoteling” service. This function is usually used for temporary workers or those who do not have an assigned work station.

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