Polycom CX200

Polycom CX200

Polycom CX200 is specifically designed for Office Communications Server 2007, and therefore has many advantages. Product provides transmission of high quality broadband audio and creates an effect of a real live communication. Complex processing of sound in full duplex speakerphone greatly improves audio quality. The factors of regular body of a traditional phone and simple intuitive user interface are complementary and provide access to advanced features of Office Communications Server 2007 as well as Microsoft Office Communicator 2007.

Polycom CX200 is one of the devices of unified communications capabilities package, which requires low maintenance costs. Regardless of the diversity of your communications environment, Polycom CX200 will ensure realization of your business interests. Polycom CX family equipment undoubtably will meet the communication requirements of your company - a wide range of devices that was specifically created for Office Communications Server 2007 environment.
Ease of use - USB peripherals seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Office Communicator 2007, installation of additional software or drivers is not necessary, the highest audio quality - exceeding the quality of traditional telephony devices eliminates the need for computer speakers or a headset. Polycom CX phones are business-class products - ensuring high quality and reliability.

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Panasonic KX-NT700

Panasonic KX-NT700 Panasonic KX-NT700 is IP conference phone that has lots of features and offers better sound quality in comparison with the similar equipment, which is already available on the market. This fact was confirmed by the tests conducted by the experts before selling the product. Device has a possibility of organizing conference calls at the highest level, which is achieved through high-quality broadband audio.

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