VoIP Applications for Your BlackBerry

VoIP Applications for Your BlackBerry

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling is most convenient when using a mobile phone. BlackBerry users have plenty of choices when it comes to picking a VoIP app that is compatible with their phones so that they can take the convenience of VoIP calling with them anywhere.

Blackberry VoIP Applications
TringMe: TringMe allows worldwide calling over a Wi-Fi or 3G network connection, and calls between the MobileVoIP application's users are completely free. TringMe uses e-mail connection in order to communicate when data connectivity is limited, allowing the user to initiate calling. Truphone: The Tru app for BlackBerry allows users to call any landline or mobile number worldwide. Once an international number is dialed, the call is redirected and connected through the Internet over the Tru Anywhere service. The service uses Wi-Fi and 3G network connections and is free to download. MO-Call: MO-Call offers a lot of flexibility as it can route calls over an Internet connection in order to save money. However, the VoIP software also allows callers to make international calls without an Internet connection as it routes the call over the provider's network via a local call. The application allows calls to be made over a Wi-Fi network, utilizes direct calling and has a callback request option for international calls. Vopium: The first provider to offer Wi-Fi VoIP calling application through the BlackBerry App World, Vopium allows callers the freedom to make domestic and international calls with some rates as low as 1 cent per minute. The app also uses Wi-Fi to eliminate international roaming charges. Voxofon: Voxofon offers free calling to VoIP and instant message contacts (think Skype and GTalk), and international dialing is pretty easy to figure out. Just dial, hit the call button, wait for the Voxofon window to pop up, and Voxofon connects the call for you. The app doesn't require country access codes, and it is possible to put international numbers on speed dial. Vonage Mobile: A pay-as-you-go mobile app plan uses prepaid amounts to allow calls to connect. The app automatically shifts between the cellular provider's network, Wi-Fi and the Vonage network for international calling and domestic calling. Google Voice: International calling, voice mail transcription, free text messaging, and custom greetings for callers are all included in this application.

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SIP TelephonyA modern voice communication SIP protocol is widely used to make calls in the Internet. However, the final subscriber is mostly interested not in the very SIP standard but in the SIP telephony conception based on it. One one hand, all traditional conveniences for making telephone calls, compatibility with the international subscription base and the procedure of dialing numbers are kept.

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