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Unified Communications Solution by Amdocs

Unified Communications Solution by Amdocs

Amdocs recently announced a new solution based on Cloud services Amdocs Unified Communications, which combines messaging, video and voice calls through IP (VoIP). With help of Amdocs Unified Communications solution, providers can quickly launch services able to compete with (OTT) offerings, it helps to strengthen their relationships with customers and allows them to better monetize their capabilities.

The new Amdocs solution is available for the users of mobile devices through iOS and applications for Android devices as well as through Web portal:
It is compatible with the GSM services of the (RCS) standard, providing perspective, and is also compatible with existing social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn It is modular, which allows the addition of advertising and premium features such as videoconferencing and monetization of the service. The Amdocs Unified Communication solution integrates all end-users of social networks and mobile communities within the address book that allows all subscribers of this service to exchange messages, to make VoIP calls and video chats with any other subscribers of the system. „Until now, OTT providers led to the fact that mobile video, messaging, and VoIP communication markets undermine revenue of providers of mobile services", said Maribel Lopez, principal analyst at Lopez Research LLC. Service providers now have the opportunity to consolidate their achievements in the field of voice calls, VoIP and video conferencing thanks to the new solution. Providing a single launch pad for all of its customers, and ability to communicate across platforms and media service providers can instill loyalty of their customers.
Amdocs Unified Communications is the first OTT, cloud-based solution that provides fast entrance to the market, and allows service providers to use their relationship with clients in order to build a system of income due to the amount provided by the packet data.

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