AudioCodes VMAS

AudioCodes VMAS

AudioCodes VMAS is an optimal platform for providing access to the networks of fixed telephony operator mobile subscribers (users of modern mobile devices and personal notebooks connected to the Internet).

VMAS platform was co-jointly created by AudioCodes in partnership with the market leading mobile SIP Company MailVision, it is based on SIP standards and uses all the advantages of Next Generation Networks (NGN).
VMAS includes various types of soft applications of SIP Mobile Client, offering its operators a possibility of connection, support and service of mobile phones of worlds leading producers running on different software (Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone OS, Android).
VMAS significantly expands the coverage area of mobile subscribers and provides users with high-quality sound, single address book of contacts, and complete information about the connections, which were made.
In addition to Mobile Clients, this platform provides its users with PC Client software applications for personal computers (PC) for MS Windows, and is available through any web browser with Flash Client Server VMAS WebLynx.
All types of VMAS SIP Clients have a simple intuitive user interface, support the monitoring and display presence of subscribers in the network (SIMPLE Presence), and can automatically reroute outgoing cellular connection and SMS messages to the SIP network, subject to its availability. VMAS SIP Client favorably differs from ones available on the market by making the security and manageability of connections.
The core of the VMAS Client Management System (CMS) platform provides operators with comprehensive control of connections, full remote customer support, considering the specific needs of operators and end users. With help of open API VMAS CMS it also provides an interface compatible with the existing infrastructure of the operator (SSW, SMS GW, Billing, CRM).
Optionally, in order to reduce the amount of RTP traffic and to overcome the blocking of SIP traffic to the networks, the platform includes network servers of Compression & Tunneling.
All components of the VMAS platform confidently interact with SIP equipment from other manufacturers, providing VoIP service providers fast network deployment, and their customers with new connection options. Recently this solution has been deployed by several leading mobile operators and NGN service providers around the world.

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