Hosted VoIP Systems

Hosted VoIP Systems

Hosted VoIP phone systems
By the support of affordable, hosted PBX phone services, it is possible to execute effective communication with your clientele and business connections. Moreover, you can experience dramatic cuts in your telephone bills as outbound calls can be made at minimal rates or, in some cases, free of charges.

The utmost advantage of implementing hosted VoIP services and phone system is that you can manage business calls in a very professional way and attract more customers in your enterprise.
Modern hosted VoIP phone systems, or PBX are organically packed with integral call management features such as call waiting, call conferencing, ‘’follow me’’ call re-addressing, caller identification , voicemail, fax mail and different music accompaniments on hold that are normally available in expensive telephony hardware.
By implementation of hosted VoIP phone system you can process multiple calls at the same time. Callers are welcomed with relevant salutation and greeting recorded messages. In accordance with preferences of the caller, calls are re-routed to the needed offices, individuals, or departments. A caller never hears line busy signals when particular call is being re-addressed or transferred.
All the inbound calls to your business numbers can be transferred to a secondary group of phone numbers provided, including home and mobile numbers. Hosted VoIP phone system also can control your business from geographically remote locations. For instance, not attended business calls can be transferred to the voicemail box, and any caller can attach a voice messages. The regular hosted VoIP phone system’s feature ‘’voicemail-to-email’’ transfers the voice messages to an email account in form of attached audio file.
The numerous features of hosted PBX phone system can be used without acquiring costly telephony equipments in office, with complicated maintenance cycles. Hardware is being physically kept on the territories of services providers, thou all is needed for functional hosted VoIP phone system is broadband Internet or telephone corded connection. Very affordable monthly charges can be enjoyed, depending on a provider.

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Multiple Call Arrangement

Multiple Call ArrangementMultiple call arrangement - allows the user to receive several calls simultaneously, even if they came by the same line. This stops the redirection of incoming calls directly to voice mail in case the line is busy or if the user is already involved in an active call.

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