Grandstream GXP 1450

Grandstream GXP 1450

GXP 1450 is the next generation of corporate IP-phones.

It has 2 lines with 2 SIP accounts, backlit graphic LCD display with a 180x60 resolution, 3 XML programmable context undependable keys, 2 Ethernet ports supporting PoE and 3Way conference support.
GXP1450 provides excellent HD-level sound quality, rich telephony features, taking into account the latest communication technology advancements, customizable information service and customizable application service, automated provisioning for easy deployment, advanced security functionality to protect the negotiations, and compatibility with a wide range of SIP devices from other manufacturers and leading platforms such as SIP / NBN / IMS.
This is a perfect choice for corporate users, who need high quality IP-phone with rich telephony features at reasonable price.

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Portech SBK-32

Portech SBK-32By using Portech SBK-32 expander for 32 SIM-cards, you can increase the number of channels in the Portech MV-37X GSM VoIP gateway series using the Internet.

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