Grandstream BT 200

Grandstream BT 200

It is one of he most desired and mighty powerful new entry level IP phones of the BudgeTone series.

The BT200 IP phone is an upgraded and enhanced version of its popular predecessor BT102 model. In comparison to and in summation to all the numerous features of BT102, BT200 bears dual 10M/100M Ethernet ports, user configurable as either switched or routed ports, boosted by built-in NAT router/DHCP server capable of working in router mode, top grade full duplex hands free speaker with implemented acoustic echo cancellation technology, 2,5mm headset jack port, light voice mail indicator and custom ringtones, and more memory for succeeding functionality additions.

The BT200 also provides its users with advanced functionality such as 3 way conferencing. The model is tailored to support an number of audio codecs, such as G.711, G.723.1, G729A/B, G.726, G722 as well as GSM codec. It features support for SRTP, XML, ZRTP, and TLS with advanced security features, which is expected to be on supported features list via a firmware upgrade soon.As expected from such a high ranking product it offers full compatibility and Interoperability with SIP platforms.

The Grandstream BT200 is a low-priced yet extremely powerful and easy to use VoIP solution for both business and consumer markets alike. Alternatively if you are interested in a telephone with more advanced features you might be interested in Grandstream BT 201 IP phone model

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