Grandstream ATA

Grandstream ATA

Let’s look at Grandstream ATA HandyTone-502 Analog Telephone Adapter the latest product in the HandyTone ATA series and Grandstream VoIP product line.

The first marked impression that Grandstream ATA HandyTone-502 produces is of a very elegant, little device with a stunning look. Beautiful piece of equipment designed in light and dark grey colors with rounded angles. There are five easy to read inscriptions at its front – Power, WAN, LAN, PHONE1, and PHONE2. When viewed from above the look of it is gorgeous too. There is one green light indicator for each of those five inscriptions which are lit when the device is powered on and active.
There is an info label at the bottom of the device providing information about the input power, the exact model code and the country invwhich it was manufactured. There's also its MAC address and a bar code tag. It's got four fragile legs to stand on. Supposedly the legs are glued to the device with a low quality adhesive so beware they're easily broken off if the device is rough handled. There are five connection ports on it: LAN, WAN, Power, PHONE1 and PHONE2 as well as a tiny reset button.
A few words worth mentioning about the "heart and soul" of HandyTone-502 ATA are that it is is based on SIP standards featuring two FXS ports, dual 10M/100Mbps Ethernet with integrated high speed NAT router, port status and message waiting LED. The device is able to support SIP over TCP/TLS, UPnP, two SIP account profiles, callerID, 3-way conference, call waiting, blind as well as controlled transfer, T.38 fax, call forwarding,
Do Not Disturb, voicemail, flexible dial plan, direct IP calling, multilingual voice assistance, secure automated provisioning using TTP/HTTPS/Telnet/TFTP and a set of most used audio codecs like: G.711, G.723, G.729, iLBC, and some more.
Grandstream HandyTone-502 is simple and easy to configure. There are only four to five menus. Configuring it is a piece of cake after reading a short tutorial. Users are advised to pay close attention to changes of the device's IP address and the IP address of the machine connected to it while configuring their HT-502. In case if something is not working as expected after a user made the desired configuration changes and after all relevant settings have been double checked, the following step is turning off the device and then only turn it on in ten seconds. Overall, Grandstream ATA HandyTone-502 is a great buy with stylish outfit, packed with features, simple and easy to use.

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DID Support

DID SupportDirect Inward Dialing Support. This function is offered by telephone companies with the goal that ATC clients could connect all range of company numbers to one or several lines. The aim is to give a personal number to every employee without having to connect it to a separate phone line. Thus, all telephone traffic can be divided and controlled more efficiently.

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