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Google Voice Partners and Infrastructure

Google Voice Partners and Infrastructure

Google Voice is a VoIP/SIP program that can be used to make free or very cheap phone calls to many countries around the world. If you’re located in the United States, then your calls to the USA or Canada will be completely free. Not only that, but the program comes with a rich feature-set that includes voicemail, conference calls and video conferencing, SMS to email, a voice transcription service and a full featured contact list that lets you manage all your contacts’ details.

The Google Voice infrastructure
Google Voice, as one of the most comprehensive cloud technology based phone services available, requires a huge infrastructure to work properly. Its infrastructure is based on business to business relationships set up with their partners.
Their main provider of infrastructure in the realm of actual phone lines and core transport for VoIP/SIP services is the biggest provider in North America, Latin America, Europe and parts of Asia — Level 3 Communications. This company also acquired one of the other major players that Google Voice was partnered with in 2011 — Global Crossing.
Broadvox also partners with Google and has been around since 2001 to provide SIP Trunking services to Google’s clients. Other companies that Google has partnered with in the VoIP, networking and wireless mobile areas are, Pac-West Telecom, IBasis for international call routing as well as Neustar.
It’s worth mentioning that has begun working with Alabama’s 911 centers so that people can send text messages, pictures and videos throughout 2012 to 911. This is significant because traditionally one of the disadvantages of VoIP services is that no emergency calls were allowed, but this may indicate that Google is making headway into this service.
Google reserved over 1 million telephone numbers when Google Voice was launched with Level 3 Communications and since then this number has grown exponentially.

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