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Cisco Solutions

Voice and Video Solutions
Cisco solutions for IP telephony are based on Cisco AVVID corporate architecture, which supports modern Internet applications for business. The convergence of voice, video and data services improves productivity and allows you to better serve your customers.

Businesses are offered scalable, distributed and available IP telephony solutions, which support a smooth migration from separate infrastructures to a single converged video, voice and data network. New proposals for the campuses include following switch modules: Ethernet Switches, The Cisco Catalyst 4000, IP-phones of the second generation, and a new generation tools for handling the calls by standards of IP. Branch office of the company
Implementation of infrastructure, allowing transmitting voice over data between sections of the company, helps you to reduce expenses and ease the support for new application. Cisco solutions for voice over data for sections of the company can organize a step by step transfer of voice traffic over data with the most corresponding speed for the purposes of your business. New applications in this sphere include Ethernet switch modules for Cisco Catalyst 4000 switch family. Small Business
With the help of Cisco in voice over IP, small companies can create networks, supporting necessary basal applications, and without the need to spend much can add new services to them.
Medium Business
If you would like to prepare you medium sized company for IP telephony, you have to turn to Cisco for LAN switching. Cisco switches with cascade (stack) connection support Ethernet standards and the requirement of the modern day corporate product of corporate class. Additionally they have a very competitive price, which is ideal for a limited budget. In conjunction with the multi-service access routers, Cisco (Multiservice Access Routers) provides a good basis for the IP-telephony applications. IP phones
Cisco produces a full range of IP phone for creating a modern day corporate communication network, based on the IP technologies.
IP phone models include cordless devices with monochrome or color screens, cordless model (Cisco Phone 7921G), videoconferencing systems (Cisco Unified IP Phone 9785G) and group work systems (IP conference Station 7936). All models of Cisco family telephones support:
Inline Power – power supply through Ethernet port during connection to PoE standard switches and with help of special Inject Power option Double port switch for connecting a phone and computer through one socket RJ-45 (excluding simplest model 521G, 524G). Computer and telephone at the same time can be assigned to different VLAN Work under the control of Cisco Unified Communications Manager (PBX, designed as a dedicated server) or Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express (PBX, built in router operating system) – or its variant for remote offices Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony. Optional wired headsets for operators with good quality of headphones and microphone, with a possibility of mounting on the wall.

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Caller ID Blocking

Caller ID BlockingThe service allows hiding the number from which you are calling. Thus, you ensure yourself a guarantee that your number does not come to a telemarketing agency and you won’t be troubled by endless calls with offers.

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