Cisco SG500X-24P

Cisco SG500X-24P

Whatever is the scope of your business, you need to work in a successfully organized system of communications. Cisco SG500X-24P is a functional adjustable switch, created as part of a series of devices for small businesses. It is ideal for medium-sized networks and will be irreplaceable for the growing company.

Main feature of this model is support for the second and third level switching optimizing the data transfer process. Cisco SG500X-24P-K9-G5 switch is equipped with 24 Gigabit Ethernet-ports and 4 combo connectors that can be easily converted into SFP-Slots. For operating with the switch it is enough to install it in the rack and connect the necessary equipment: PoE technology requires no additional wiring, allowing device to receive energy directly from the Ethernet-channel.
Cisco SG500X-24P offers you broad opportunities of flow management, access control lists, and dynamic VLAN. User authentication and encryption is done using RADIUS and TACACS + protocols. In this case, switching capacity of the device is 128 Gbit/s, and the speed of delivery is 95.24 million packets per second.
With the ability for custom configuration and impressive functionality, Cisco SG500X-24P switch will be the best option for topology of any network.

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