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Cisco 6901 Unified IP Phone

Cisco 6901 Unified IP Phone

Cisco 6901 IP phone model is used for creating inexpensive communication networks in places like elevators, hotel or restaurant corridors etc (UC Phone 6901, Standard handset).

Main feature of Cisco 6901 IP phone is that it can accept up to two simultaneous calls in a call waiting mode. Fixed keys ensure a quick access to the hold, redial and call waiting features. Also one of the main characteristics is the low power consumption and possibility of mounting it on the wall.

Technical Characteristics: Specially Assigned keys for holding, transferring and conference calls 1 x RJ-45 10/100 Ethernet port IEEE 802.3af PoE Maximum consumed power is 2,77 V DC Power supply with the help of power supply block CP-PWR-CUBE-3 or CP-PWR-INJ power injector Codec support: G.711a, G.711, G.729a, G.729b и G.729ab

Providers in database: 6430
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