Call Shop Billing

Call Shop Billing

Call Shop Billing is software which is widely used in Call Shops and Internet Cafes, where visitors make phone calls or use Internet services and afterwards pay the operator for the used services. This software is not only restricted to internet billing and phone calls, but it also includes a management system for the orders such as Scans, Photocopies, Prints, CD and DVD writes, basic catering services.

Call Shop software allows controlling the usage of the system by the customers. Either it’s a prepaid or a postpaid Call Shop service, the system will provide the operator with the option to set the time, which was purchased, on the phone station or to generate an invoice after the phone session was over. The system can be web based application or can be run on local computer. Depending on the number of call shops you are running you can choose whether you need local or web based system. If you are planning on expanding your business and running several call shops it is much better to have one web based unified billing system, which will control all the branches. In case you have only one call shop and have no plans on further development local billing system will do just fine.
There are various types of such applications some of them are freeware and others are for a fee. Billing software can be operated on different systems like Windows based, Linux based etc. And varies by the user interfaces, usually they are all user friendly giving not hard time understanding them.

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