Asterisk Voicemail

Asterisk Voicemail

Asterisk voicemail implementation provides integrators with option to replace proprietary existing voicemail systems with Asterisk voicemail at a merely symbolic cost. The service can be applied as a basic stand-alone utility or can operate a front end of an Unified Messaging system, holding messages by IMAP or ODBC. Creating the Asterisk voicemail server is simple and just a fraction of dial plan scripting is being needed.

Configuring Asterisk voicemail
When Asterisk Voicemail is configured, you will have a possibility to add extensions to voicemail, to make name and password changes, also you can start using the voicemail as attachment in the email. Sending a voicemails as email attachments is a new way of processing and archiving emails. Steps of the configuration of the program are following: Open a terminal window. In case if server should be reached remotely, you should download a Secure Shell client (SSH) in order for Asterisk Server to become accessible. Secure Shell can be used from a numerous amounts of Microsoft Windows clients widely accessible on the Internet. In case your systems runs Linux or Mac OSX, read the text manuals from a terminal.
Asterisk Voicemail for iPhone provides you with option to acquire your voicemail messages on the Asterisk system from your iPhone.
Its working in a similar way to iPhone Visual Voicemail, allowing you to list, listen, move or delete messages, also it displays caller id information, as well you can change the settings of voicemail, return calls and its possible to do it from your iPhone
Asterisk server (open source VoIP PBX) and Asterisk Card; PHP for the back end and Smarty with iUI for the front end are the technologies standing behind it. Asterisk Voicemail reacts to an AIM status. In particular applications, PCs already “know” whether its user is at work in the office or not, because of iChat status is automatically set to “Away” if user is out and “Available" when user is in.
Find out the steps of configuring the Asterisk voicemail in order to enable it with knowledge of user’s factual availability.
You have to have Asterisk server and Asterisk voicemail and AGI script written in PHP.
First, a code of AIM status has to be acquired. The simplest way is by using cURL (important: you need to have cURL compiled into your PHP)

Providers in database: 6433
Register VoIP Provider

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