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We are specialized in manufacturing IP phone and IP camera. Contact me if you need, skype: lxhzspy

We are a professional manufacturer of VOIP products including IP phones and ATAs. We offer simple phones with cheap prices.ODM&OEM can also be supported. Email: sales@great-elec.com msn: lucyg-reat@hotmail.com Skype: lxhzspy

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Zhengzhou Great Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd
8th Floor Building68,Headquarters, No.1 the Cuizhu Street high-tech development Zone´╝îZhengzhou
Henan ,450007

Phone: +86-371-67896158
Phone: +86-371-67896128
Site: http://www.great-elec.com
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Lucy Lu / Sales Manager
Phone: +86-371-67896128(602
Phone: +86-13838511830
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  • PC to Phone, Phone To PC, Phone To Phone, Project Mangement Services, Termination, Web Call, Web To Phone
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What is IP PBX and Why is it Important?

What is IP PBX and Why is it Important?Introduction With a traditional PBX system, or private branch exchange, everything is done over live phone lines. Stations are utilized to route and reroute phone calls in order to allow a caller to reach the party they want to talk to. While this is a perfectly acceptable method of doing business, as technology grows, so do the incentives for upgrading to newer business telephone systems.

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