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Global sanal numara tahsisi - A dan Zye tüm ülkere ait uygun voip Tarifesi Başlıklı sms gönderimi ve ayrıca Çağrı merkezi yazılımları sunmaktayız.

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Phone: +44 744 191 30 20
Phone: +44 744 191 30 20
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Voip Matik / Ceo
Phone: +44 744 191 30 20
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Directed Call Pick Up

Directed Call Pick UpThe function allows the user by entering a 5-digit number to receive a call from any concrete company’s telephone. There are no definite groups for picking up the call. One can pick up the call from any telephone set; it is only necessary to enter the required code and the extension number of the phone, which has to be picked up.

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