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we are direct provider of voip A2Z services & solutions provider whom work with tier-1 company

WorldTelSignal offering routes India, BD, Pak, Nepal, Egypt, UAE, Myanmar, Sri Lanka direct CLI & NON-CLI.

Dear Partner,


BD NCLI-$0.0102


NEPAL CLI 0.0853
NEPAL -NCLI 0.0755


PAK CLI Land Line $0.0150
PAK CLI Mobilink 9230 0.0290
Pak CLI Zong 9231 0.0250
Pak CLI Warid 9232 0.0150
Pak CLI U Fone 9233 0.0150
Pak CLI Telenor 9234 0.0260

PAK NON CLI 9230, $ 0.0102
PAK NON CLI 9231, 0.0102
PAK NON CLI 9232, 0.0130
PAK NON CLI 9233, 0.0068
PAK NON CLI 9234, 0.0168

Offering many more direct destinations,
Please join us for a long times business relations.

Best regards,
Skype: worldtelsignal
Sales UK+448726147781
Sales BD +8801793405160
Sales Malaysia+60320787077

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General office

Baridhara Central Plaza(5th Floor)87,Suhrawardi Avenue,
Dhaka ,1212

Phone: +8801793405160
Phone: +448726147781
Contact Person

Saimul Glory / Admin director sales
Phone: +8801793405160
Phone: +448726147781
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EXTender 4100EXTender 4100 allows extending the functionality and features of a central PBX to Small Office or Home Office (SOHO) workers with IP lines. Enterprises that utilize central PBX systems with advanced applications and features require solutions for IP migrations leveraging already existing investment in infrastructure and open the gates to the road leading to the bright future of voice over IP. EXTender abd PBXgateway designed by Citel is capable of accomplishing both before mentioned objectives. Remote workers call centers, branch offices and home based employees can get connected to a corporate VoIP network via IP network, at the same time when the enterprise extends the valuable life of the installed PBX.

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Hi All,

* Free mobile and PC anti block dialers
* Free panel training for all new customers.
* Free local deposits in many markets.
* Free BoothBilling Call Shop Solution with all panels
* Free reseller APIs for private websi

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