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"Wallgate Enterprises" LLC - is a worldwide A-Z termination carier

we deal with voice carriers in all parts of the world

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General office

Wallgate Enterprises
Office14,First Floor,Trinity House
Victoria Mache
Victoria Mache ,132765

Phone: +373 7941 9078
Site: http://www.ip.md
Contact Person

Andrey Popov / account manager
Phone: +373 7941 9078
Phone: +373 7941 9078
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  • Cisco Systems
  • Wholesale VoIP services

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Google Voice Compatibility — Benefits and Disadvantages

Google Voice Compatibility — Benefits and DisadvantagesGoogle Voice is a phone service provided by the makers of Gmail. It is an extremely well priced and competitive phone service that has VoIP rates which are literally pennies. In fact, if you are in the USA then calls are completely free throughout North America. The service also offers a number of other perks, such as voice transcription, conference calls, SMS to email, voicemail and even voicemail message to email services.

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Hong Kong Morning Telecom Ltd

We are offering A-Z IP to IP stable routes ~~

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