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Phone: +9857061036
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Umesh Gaire / Owner
Phone: +9857061036
Phone: +9857061036
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Hosted PBX: is it worth it?

Hosted PBX: is it worth it?In the past, when you call an office building or business, you would either be transferred to the department you want to talk to, or given their extension number. This extension is usually a 2-3 digit code that when dialed, transfers you automatically to the particular person or department you want to speak with. The reason why this code works is because it is programmed into a PBX system.

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Canada Komtac technologies

KOMTAC TECHNOLOGIES is an independent Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Internet provider. We`re committed to providing you with innovative and cost effective solutions to meet all of your communications needs.Whetever you need to implement or manage a Wi-Fi HotSp

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