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VoIP Line Telecom Australia

Voice over IP hosted PBX Solutions for your business.
Feature rich. Cost effective. Easy to deploy.

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General office

VoIP Line Telecom
Office 23, 22-30 Wallace av.
Point Cook
Vic ,3030

Phone: 61 1 300 864 754
Contact Person

Nikolay Tretiachenko
Phone: 61 1 300 864 754
Phone: +61 425 767258
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  • Virtual PBX
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Polycom HDX 8000

Polycom HDX 8000Polycom HDX 8000 is the perfect solution for high quality video transmission. You will be able to communicate freely and naturally, and thanks to the built-in multipoint videoconferencing features you will be able to work simultaneously with documents, easily connect remote employees to work on a common project.

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