VoIP 007 Ltd Bangladesh

BD WHITE : 800 Minit 2100BDT
BD GREY : 1300 Minit 2100
INDIA : 2000 Minit 2100BDT
PAK : 710 Minit 2100BDT

• PURE WHITE mobile dialer for all kind of users .
• working everywhere Like: UAE / OMAN / KSA/ QATAR / All Country
• BD BEST GREY with avilable port
• Very low rate with white and Grey Route,
• Level 3 USD Best Tariff For Good Volume.
• We have Mobile Dialer iTel/ Walk & Talk,Dhaka Tel

We provide A-Z route with excellent sound quality.

BD WHITE : 800 Minit 2100BDT
BD GREY : 1300 Minit 2100
INDIA : 2000 Minit 2100BDT
PAK : 710 Minit 2100BDT

Download Dilaer Link: http://md.itelmobiledialer.com/choosebrand.jsp

Live chat : valobashi_bangladesh2000@yahoo.com
E-mail : valobashi_bangladesh2000@yahoo.com

Phone: +8801680168224

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VoIP 007 Ltd
dhaka ,12304

Phone: +8801680168224
Phone: +8801680168224
Site: http://voip007.weebly.com/
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Mehedi Hasan / Admin
Phone: +8801680168224
Phone: +8801680168224
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Return Call (*69)

Return Call (*69)The function of the return call allows you to quickly and comfortably connect to the person, who has called you as the last. Simply dial *69 (USA) in order to find out the number and the call time, after that press the “1” key to make the call. In case the number is busy, the system will try to reach the line during 30 minutes and when the person will be available, you will receive a signal and be connected.

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