Voicetrunk Spain

VoIP Traffic Termination, Spanish numbers(DID)

We offer our customers extend their traffic through our network, our customers avoid the need to open interconnections with other operators.
We offer our customers a large number of geographical numbers Spanish and intelligent network from 1 euros per month.

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Graham Bell edif. Hevimar 1ยบ 14
Malaga ,29590

Phone: +34 902 750 902
Site: http://www.voicetrunk.com
  • did numbers provider
  • International VoIP Wholesale Provider
  • Voip Termination ISP
  • Wholesale VoIP Carrier
  • Sip Trunking
  • SIP VoIP Gateway
  • Termination
  • 3CX Phone System
  • Asterisk
  • a2billing

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H.323 VoIP gateway

H.323 VoIP gateway Is a device, which converts telephony traffic into IP for transmission over a data network. It supports real-time audio, video and data information.

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