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vivacommunications India


Bid good bye to traditional Voip service providers and get high quality hosted Voip services from Viva communication. We offer professional services at reasonable rates.

There is no doubt that hosted Voip is the right phone system for your business offered by reliable service providers. Our systems can be easily integrated into your phone system

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General office

Old No 151, New No 312 9th Floor, Gee Gee Emerald Valluvarkottam High Road Nungambakkam
Tamil Nadu ,600024

Phone: 66099999
Contact Person

Suba Anandhan / Manager
Phone: 66099999
Phone: 95000 24277
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GSM VoIP Solutions

GSM VoIP SolutionsConfigurations of GSM/VoIP networks allow the service providers to avoid the local Wired Public Switched Network (PSTN) in communication with a GMS mobile handset. As a result, the high rates charged by telephone companies are avoided.

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United States Goodlife Technology Inc

GOOD LIFE TECHNOLOGY, INC., is a California Corporation and a Federal Communications Commission (FCC) 214 licensed International Carrier that offers high quality TDM and Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) connectivity via its own and privately managed ne

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