Tunamalcom LLC Mongolia

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General office

Tunamalcom LLC
Juulchin-50, Chingeltei district

Phone: 97699112201
Phone: 976-11319722
Contact Person

Bazargur Dawaatseren / CEO
Phone: 97699112201
Phone: 97699112201
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AddPac VP500

AddPac VP500AP VP500 is widescreen IP video phone that allows you to get high quality video image with high resolution. This product supports video conferencing, VoD, IPTV, video surveillance, and uses the latest audio / video codecs and various interfaces of audio / video inputs / outputs. AP VP500 has improved features, such as 720P high-resolution support and 12 "LCD screen. The benefits of choosing AP VP500 for video conferencing include high-quality audio, video and high-resolution screen.

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We are a Belgian VoIP provider and integrator.

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