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Tufone is a revolutionary phone service that can replace your current phone company completely. Tufone takes over as your local and long distance provider anywhere in the US (including Puerto Rico) and Canada and many countries for one low monthly price.O

Tufone Inc. came about due to the extreme need for the immigrant community in the United States to stay in touch with their families and friends abroad at an affordable rate.

In February 2005, NaturalVoice and Tufone merged to start operating in the American market with their 600-customer base and their 3year experience in the VoIP industry as a foundation of growth.

Utilizing the advances in today`s technology, Tufone will make available a new plethora of telephone services that will meet the needs of the residential and commercial public, while allowing them to reap the cost savings and benefits through the VoIP service.

With customer service representatives attending in Portuguese, Spanish, and English, Tufone will be the first VoIP phone company in the U.S. to service the need of multi-lingual clients; allowing our clients a very smooth transition from their old analog systems into the future of Telecommunications.

Our main objective is to bridge the gap between all of our international communities within the United States and their families abroad through the VoIP technology.

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General office

295 Madison Avenue
New York
NY ,10017
United States

Phone: +1-973-954-5800
Site: http://www.tufone.com
Contact Person

Andre Simoes / VP, IT
Phone: +1-973-954-5800
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