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Phone: +20-143179149
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EXTender 4100

EXTender 4100EXTender 4100 allows extending the functionality and features of a central PBX to Small Office or Home Office (SOHO) workers with IP lines. Enterprises that utilize central PBX systems with advanced applications and features require solutions for IP migrations leveraging already existing investment in infrastructure and open the gates to the road leading to the bright future of voice over IP. EXTender abd PBXgateway designed by Citel is capable of accomplishing both before mentioned objectives. Remote workers call centers, branch offices and home based employees can get connected to a corporate VoIP network via IP network, at the same time when the enterprise extends the valuable life of the installed PBX.

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Taiwan VuTek Inc

With a view to the trend for the Internet to converge data, voice and video, VuTek Inc. is established. Now, over 10 years experience, we saw the convergence is getting solid and rich, and this trend is obviously setting up and is changing our daily life.

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