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General office

cra 54 nÂș 167 - 56

Phone: +57 3127586231
Phone: +57 3208536341
Contact Person

diego giraldo / gerente
Phone: +57 3208536341
Phone: aidee garcia
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Multiple Locations, Single PBX

Multiple Locations, Single PBX VoIP PBX systems are useful solutions for establishing telephone communication in companies where offices are located in several places. This system allows connecting all the offices via one telephone network as it supports both local and remote extensions. Its developed features and opportunities make business communications more qualitative and reliable.

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Ghana Speed Technologies Ltd

Speed TECHNologies Ltd (Formerly Birmingham & Janetis Ltd, was formed in 1997, with the specific aim of providing the highest level of computer service for small and large businesses as well as quality-conscious home users in West African Sub-region. Good

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