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cra 54 nÂș 167 - 56

Phone: +57 3127586231
Phone: +57 3208536341
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diego giraldo / gerente
Phone: +57 3208536341
Phone: aidee garcia
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Siemens Gigaset S670, S675 and S675 IP

Siemens Gigaset S670, S675 and S675 IPSiemens Gigaset phones are wireless DECT phones with enlarged backlit display (supports up to 65,000 colors), a set of easy-access buttons, intuitive menus and excellent sound transmission. Gigaset S675 IP model offers new capabilities of inexpensive Internet telephony.

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United States Backbone Communications Inc.

Founded in 1997, BBCOM is now well into its eighth year of providing converged data and voice services. Our managed growth has enabled us to become one of the rare technology companies that is currently profitable.

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