TGLA, Telegestiones Latinoamericanas Peru

(TGLA)Telegestiones Latinoamericanas is a 100% Spanish company that in recent years, has been providing integrated telecommunications solutions to leading companies in different economic sectors in Latin America, North America and Europe

TGLA is a leading VoIP telecom global presence, our powerful networks and platforms, we can now deploy a wide range of services, high technology, efficiency and excellent prices.
• These services are backed by a redundant infrastructure and centralized systems, ensuring high service availability and quality of our products, we provide our clients with solutions to termination services in domestic and international minutes.
• Completion of minutes to anywhere in the world.
• Check the second there is no rounding.
• Access to real-time billing web.
• Exclusive rates for call centers.
• Virtual Numbers and toll free in America and Europe.
• Technical support and help desk 24 / 7
• We develop solutions for IP PBX (IP PBX TeleIP) predictive markers, billing systems, CRM software based on Asterisk, call center solutions and we are generally able to develop custom solutions for your needs and your company.
• Consulting, counseling, testing and general development of IP Telephony Solutions.

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General office

TGLA, Telegestiones Latinoamericanas
Calle Florida 125 - San Isidro
Lima ,51

Phone: +51 223 2869
Phone: +51 708 9160
  • International VoIP Wholesale Provider
  • SIP Softswitch & CPE
  • Asterisk
  • a2billing

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Video on Hold

Video on HoldThe function similar to “Call on Hold”, but in this case it is used during the video conference, by pressing the button, the video conference puts on hold mode.

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