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telgo Austria

Keen to stay in touch with business partners or clients from other countries? The first thing to do is to buy a virtual phone number from telgo. This way you will be able to expand your horizons and to boost your profits.

If you need a virtual phone number in order to expand your business all over the world, choose telgo. Thanks to telgo you can now have a virtual phone number or more and keep in touch with prospective clients no matter where you are or where they are. Set your smart number in less than 2 minutes and expand the horizons of your business.

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General office

Heiligenstaedterstrasse 69
Austria ,A-1190

Phone: 0043130001
Contact Person

Gunther Heineke / Authorized Representative
Phone: 0043130001
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Cisco 7200 Series Routers

Cisco 7200 Series RoutersCisco 7200 Router is a provider class hardware ensuring internet traffic with the speed of up to 2 million packets per second.

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Tel2Globe is providing the ultimate solutions in terms of voice clarity. As the carrier of international voice in the region, we can complete calls to virtually any international destination.

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