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TATAMAX is a promoter of the key companies of the TATAMAX Industry and holds the bulk of shareholding in these companies.TATAMAX was founded in 2005 in Italy by a group of Finance marketing experts. TATAMAX is also incorporated in UK in 2011 in order to d

As Voice over IP (VoIP) evolves and return on investment (ROI) plays a more significant role in purchase decisions, companies are looking to migrate to VoIP for cost savings, simplified administration and increased user productivity.

Defining the best strategies for migrating to VoIP based on your current infrastructure and business needs is the most critical element of the decision-making process. The truth is “one strategy does not fit all.” This session will explore the assessment of various VoIP deployment strategies based on your unique business environment.

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63,cann hall road
LN ,E11 3JQ
United Kingdom

Phone: +442080825768
Phone: +447935969398
Site: http://www.tatamax.com
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Kamruzzaman shakil / CEO
Phone: +447935969398
Phone: +447935969398
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Phone to PC

Phone to PCThis is a type of communication where an ordinary phone is connected to an internet enabled application or phone, for example Skype or Google Voice.

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